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Attempting Gold Rush

I haven’t played the mandolin for ages and ages, and now that I’m starting to plan tunes for next weekend’s music event, I picked it up and played some. On the Saturday there is a “concert just for ourselves” which means a sort of show-off session where everyone plays something for the others. Now when Daniel is coming too, it would be fun to do some of our old “numbers”.

My mandolin is rather grumpy after all this time when I have only been playing the guitar, so I need to give it some love and play it. Some year ago I actually managed to understand the tune Gold Rush, and have more or less learned to play it, although a simplified version. I’m going to work more on that tune later, but for now I’m mainly just warming up all the old tunes I used to play. I won’t be a perfectionist wanting to sound perfect before I record anything so here is today’s version of Gold Rush.

I’m also preparing some songs to sing with the guitar, and will bring all the lyrics of bluegrass songs I have just in case.
So now I guess it’s time to practice the concertina. It’s a concertina event after all! :)