Diddley Diddley

Welcome to my site where I share music-related links I think are nice and relevant if you're into folky, trad, bluegrass, old-time and the likes. I'll share links to sites about specific instrument builders and brands, good music related forums and where to find tunes and song lyrics..

I haven't linked to all sites around the internet, but the ones that I like, that are active and/or informative. If you find that any of these sites is down or something like that, please let me know!

I've been writing a blog here on and off, mainly because I think Wordpress requires so much maintenance work, and since I have other blogs with Wordpress I prefer to use something else. I've struggled with finding something that's good enough though, and have gone between Wordpress and other platforms for a long time. Now I'm waving bye-bye to Wordpress (at least on this site) because only during these days when I've had it installed I've been stormed by hacker attempts and I'm just fed up with it.

So now I'm using the simple blog feature with this website software. It's very limited but at least I can write some updates and you can leave comments if you like.
For other topics than music, see my personal blog (see menu).