What's diddley-diddley?

I’m a music geek. I started with country music but was looking for more traditional stuff, with more acoustic instruments and less pianos and steel guitars. I ended up with bluegrass music, then Irish trad music, then Swedish trad, Applachian oldtime, other trad styles. I started playing the guitar in 1995 but switched to the mandolin a year later. Later I fell in love with squeezeboxes too.

Through some online forums I got in touch with an Englishman who lived not so far away from me, and later we met at the Scandinavian concertina weekend aka the Scandinavian Squeeze-in. He thought people played a bit too many Irish tunes, and said “there’s too much diddley-diddley!”

I really liked the concept because it was so spot on. And later i decided that it would be a brilliant title of a website dedicated to music.